Endless Classics: A Night of Timeless Piano Masterpieces

 Friday, December 15, 2023

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Schubertiades are intimate concerts held in private homes , offering an informal atmosphere to experience music in a new way.

Small talk about the concert. The musician will explain the program before the concert begins. (5 minutes)
Concert. Please see the 'Concert programme' section for a full program description (1 hour)
Glass of wine or soft drink. Enjoy a glass of wine or soft drink after the concert (courtesy of the host) to socialize and get to know the audience, the musician and the host (30 minutes)

Concert programme

Christmas Carol
Scriabin Impromptu op.12 no.2 B Flat Minor
Scriabin Poems op.32 no.1, 2.
Janacek In The Mists, I. Andante
Chopin, Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 C-Sharp Minor 
Chopin, Ballade No.1 G-Minor Op. 23 
Chopin, Ballade No. 4 F-Minor Op. 52
Liszt, “Ständchen” Piano Transcriptions after Schubert
Liszt, “Consolation” No. 3
Liszt, Transcendental Etude No. 10 F-Minor 


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  Oksana Pavlova

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Oksana Pavlova (Оксана Павлова) is a Ukrainian pianist and a graduate student in piano performance at Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy in Lviv, Ukraine. Born and growing up in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, Oksana studied music between 2013 and 2017 at Vinnytsia College of Cultural Arts MD Leontovych. After graduating from the college in Vinnytsia, she was accepted to Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy in Lviv, Ukraine as a graduate student in piano performance and became a master's student of József Örmény, known as one of the most prestigious pianists of Ukraine. Oksana attended many concerts as a pianist and several national and international piano master classes led by highly prestigious piano professors, including Yuriy Kot, Marta Andrushchak, Antoniy Baryshevsky, International Summer Academy of Music in Ochsenhausen (Germany), Daniele Petralia in Rome and Giuseppe Devastado in Naples. In 2019, she received a special invitation from Riverside Studios in Cologne, Germany, and successfully recorded compositions by Rachmaninoff and Scriabin. Oksana won several international piano competitions throughout her studies. Most recently, she received first place and became a grand prize finalist at The Young Soloist International Music Competition in New York, USA. Since the war broke out in Ukraine in 2022, she had to leave her country, and during her stay in Europe, she has given concerts in different venues to support Ukraine. Oksana is a fitness, wellness, and photography enthusiast passionate about modeling for her social media accounts.