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Welcome to Schubertiades: Revolutionizing the Classical Music Experience

About Us
At Schubertiades, we are transforming the way people experience classical music. Our platform brings musicians and music enthusiasts together in intimate, unique settings such as private homes, music studios, and small concert halls. By creating cozy and personal concert experiences, we aim to make classical music more accessible and engaging.

Why Invest in Schubertiades?

Innovative Market Position
We offer a unique value proposition by combining the charm of historical Schubertiades with modern convenience, tapping into a niche market of classical music enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs.

Proven Revenue Model
Our business model includes a revenue-sharing system where hosts and musicians earn a significant portion of the ticket sales, while we retain a commission to sustain and grow the platform.

Growing Demand for Unique Experiences
In an era where personalized and unique experiences are highly valued, Schubertiades stands out by offering concerts in unconventional yet intimate settings, enhancing the cultural fabric of communities.

Scalability and Expansion
Our platform is designed for scalability, with the potential to expand into new markets and regions. We already have a presence in key cities across Spain and plan to expand soon into Europe USA, and LATAM.

Join Us in Transforming the Classical Music Landscape
Investing in Schubertiades means being part of a cultural revolution that brings classical music into the homes and hearts of people. With your support, we can expand our reach, enhance our platform, and bring unforgettable musical experiences to more communities around the world.

Contact Us
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