How does it work?

Earn money hosting a concert!

We are pleased to present Schubertiades, an innovative musical platform that promotes concerts held in private homes.

You don't need a big space: just a room with a grand piano that can fit at least 10 people, either sitting, standing or on the floor with cushions.

Add your space now and start receiving offers from musicians!

A Schubertiade is a concert hosted in someone's home or other intimate venue. It provides an intimate and unique experience to truly connect with the music, the performers, and the audience.

It is totally free to host a Schubertiade.

Yes, after the Schubertiade, we split the ticket money. Take a look at the revenue share here

Simply register your space, and you will receive offers from musicians to do concerts at your home. You can accept or reject the offers.

No payment is required upfront. Our website collects the cost of admission and once the Schubertiade is over, we will directly pay the host and the musicians.

No, our system will generate the electronic tickets and carry out all the procedures.

If a concert needs to be cancelled, let us know at

Yes, it is necessary to have a grand piano to become a host.

Revenue split

The musician creates a concert in his own home

The musician needs to find a space to create a concert