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 Sunday, June 9, 2024

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Piano Inside

Josep-Maria Balanyà (Piano)

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Concert in a flat


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Schubertiades are intimate concerts held in private homes , offering an informal atmosphere to experience music in a new way.

Small talk about the concert. The musician will explain the program before the concert begins. (5 minutes)
Concert. Please see the 'Concert programme' section for a full program description (1 hour)
Glass of wine or soft drink. Enjoy a glass of wine or soft drink after the concert (courtesy of the host) to socialize and get to know the audience, the musician and the host (30 minutes)

Concert programme


Original compositions and improvisations, music that we listen to and watch. A performance that allows us to discover the piano played in different ways, from the keyboard to the entire body of the instrument.

The magic of sound art according to Balanyà, the daring Catalan artist, provoking feelings that make no concessions.


Composicions originals i improvisacions de Balanyà, música per escoltar i per mirar. Una actuació que permet de descobrir el piano tocat de diferents maneres, des del teclat fins a tot el cos de l'instrument.

La màgia de l'art sonor segons Balanyà, l'atrevit artista català, provocador de sentiments sense concessions.

Composiciones originales e improvisaciones de Balanyà, música para escuchar y para mirar. Una actuación que permite descubrir el piano tocado de distintas formas, desde el teclado hasta todo el cuerpo del instrumento.

La magia del arte sonoro según Balanyà, el atrevido artista catalán, provocador de sentimientos sin concesiones.


58 reviews

  Josep-Maria Balanyà

6 reviews

The career of the Catalan pianist Josep-Maria Balanyà, born in Barcelona, with 28 CD recorded and more than 150 works, has taken him from the classical music and jazz until his specialisation into the field of improvisation and the new contemporary, experimental music and performance. Internationally recognised, Balanyà is also composer, conductor of improvising orchestras, sound artist, painter and photographer.

He studied in Barcelona and Switzerland (Swiss Jazz School and Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Bern), he attended composition workshops, led by Helmut Lachenmann, Walter Zimmermann and Ivan Fedele, and improvisation workshops by Borah Bergman in New York. 


He has played with first-rate musicians including Claudio Pontiggia, Hans Koch, Joachim Kühn, Franz Hautzinger, Carlos Zingaro, Michiel Borstlap, Walter Quintus, Ksenija Lukic, Hannah Marshall, Hannah Ma (dance), Das Neue Ensemble Hannover, Americo Rodrigues, Ramón López, Paul Rogers, Mark Sanders, Mimi Barthélemy among others.

Balanyà has played in festivals and radio programs in many countries in Europe and America. He has received several grants in Germany and Switzerland. He is currently based in Barcelona and Brussels.

He has developed his most imaginative actions at the boundary between music and performance, such as a recital in complete darkness at the Sendesaal of Bremen or the concert for the bells of Trier’s cathedral (Germany).

The concerts by Balanyà are powerful ​rituals –​ it could be said that he plays the piano with his whole body – during which ​we can perceive the presence of music change into matter.