Beethoven Sonatas

 Saturday, September 28, 2024

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Beethoven Sonatas

Alex Rovira (Piano)

Small concert Hall

La Sala de Barcelona Piano Studio

#Beethoven #Tempesta #ClarDeLluna


Schubertiades are intimate concerts held in private homes , offering an informal atmosphere to experience music in a new way.

Small talk about the concert. The musician will explain the program before the concert begins. (5 minutes)
Concert. Please see the 'Concert programme' section for a full program description (1 hour)
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Concert programme

Sonata Op.22 No.11 en Sib

Sonata Op.31 No.2 en Re menor "Tempesta"

Sonata Op.27 No.1 en Do#menor “Clar de Lluna"

Submergeix-te en el bell món de les sonates de Beethoven amb el jove pianista Alex Rovira. Gaudeix d'una vetllada inoblidable plena de brillantor musical mentre Rovira dona vida a les obres mestres intemporals del llegendari compositor.

Uneix-te a nosaltres en un viatge captivador a través dels sons de les estimades sonates de Beethoven, incloent-hi la famosa "Sonata Clar de Lluna," la tempestuosa "Sonata Tempesta," i la passional Op. 22 No. 11.

Deixa't encisar per la interpretació sensible de Rovira mentre expressa les profundes emocions i la rica diversitat d'aquestes obres significatives. Com a pianista emergent, Alex Rovira ja ha captat l'atenció del món de la música amb la seva passió per la música.

No et perdis l'oportunitat de viure una vetllada inoblidable plena de brillantor musical mentre Rovira dona vida a les obres mestres intemporals de Beethoven amb la seva interpretació potent i emotiva. La seva interpretació dinàmica i sensible promet una experiència de concert inoblidable per als amants de la música de totes les edats.

  La Sala de Barcelona Piano Studio

  Alex Rovira

Àlex Rovira is a distinguished classical pianist born and raised in Barcelona and currently based in Vienna. His musical journey commenced at the age of 15 when he embarked on his piano studies with Montserrat Castro a renowned professor from "Conservatori Municipal de Musica de Barcelona". At the age of 16, he furthered his musical education by studying with esteemed professors at the Guildhall School for Music & Drama in London, where he honed his skills in music education. Driven by a deep passion for music, Rovira pursued his academic endeavors rigorously, delving into the intricacies of music history at Harvard University.

With a solid foundation in both performance and academic studies, he has emerged as a versatile and accomplished musician. At only 22 years old, Rovira has already completed his official studies, a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft.

Since relocating to Vienna in 2020, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the classical music scene, serving as both a revered pianist and an esteemed piano teacher. His dedication to his craft is evident in his extensive repertoire and his commitment to musical excellence.

Rovira's artistic journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of musical knowledge and mastery. His immersion in the rich tradition of Viennese classical music, under the mentorship of renowned teachers such as Mariam Vardzelashvili and Anna Rakhmanova, reflects his unwavering dedication to his craft. Additionally, Rovira has received invaluable lessons from the esteemed pianists whom he admired, and he credits Khatia Buniatishvili as his biggest inspiration giving him profound insights that have not only enhanced his technical prowess but have also contributed to the development of his unique artistic voice.

His goal extends beyond showcasing flawless technique; rather, he aspires to use his music as a medium to evoke emotion and inspire audiences to discover the beauty of classical music. As he continues to explore the nuances of Viennese classical music and the works of its eminent composers, Àlex Rovira remains committed to pushing the boundaries of his artistry and sharing his passion for music with audiences worldwide.