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 domingo, 17 de março de 2024

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Albert Beautiful and powerful !

Alla Bravo! 👏

Juliette Ver

Kouliche Fue un momento magico

Pol A concert full of emotions and technique. It began with an atmospheric Bach to culminate with a Debussy full of technique and passion. Congratulations Rejsi!


J. S. Bach Partita no.1 in B-Dur, BWV 825:
-Menuet I
-Menuet II

F. Schubert Sonata in a-moll, D537:

1. Allegro ma non troppo

2. Allegretto quasi andantino

3. Allegro vivace

J. Brahms Klavierstücke op.118:
-Intermezzo, Allegro non assai, ma molto appassionato
⁠-Intermezzo, Andante teneramente
-Ballade, Allegro energico

C. Debussy „Pour le piano“, L.95


Acollidor pis típic de l'Eixample Barceloní. Amb una sala amb capacitat per a 18 persones de públic. Amb piano de cua. Amb una saleta annexe per poder fer un pica-pica després del concert, si ho creus convenient.

  Rejsi Prosi

Born in Tirana in 2001, Rejsi Prosi started her piano journey at the Artistic Lyceum in 2007. Her commitment to musical excellence led her to the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria, where she continues to refine her craft under esteemed mentors, such as Prof. Libor Novacek and Prof. Eike Straub.

Rejsi has earned recognition in various competitions across Europe, securing top honors in Macedonia, Albania, where notably, she was awarded the "Tirana Talent" prize. Earning her acclaim in international competitions in Italy, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. In December 2022 she was awarded the first prize in a prestigious competition in France. Another crowning achievement was being the first prize winner of the Golden Classical Music Awards, and performing at Carnegie Hall in March 2023.

Rejsi has been part of enriching masterclass-festivals in Malta, Germany, Austria, and has been a consistent participant at Pianodrom in Albania, nurturing her musical sensibilities.

Schubertiades são concertos intimistas realizados em residências particulares, que oferecem um ambiente informal para experimentar a música de uma nova maneira. Você estará próximo aos músicos, portanto, respeite a casa e siga sempre as instruções do anfitrião.